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Q: How do I use this website?

A: It is very straight-forward!

  1. Choose the reason you are looking for a test or assessment i.e. "Recruitment", "Development", or "Team Development", and select the appropriate option e.g. Graduates. If you have a specific product in mind, use the search facility at the top of the screen.
  2. Click through to find out more about particular products.
  3. You need to register to access some restricted information, and also before you can place an order.
  4. Click through to order a product and follow the instructions. Alternatively you can call us on 01285 861734 to place your order. You will be emailed the reports once the individuals have completed their assessments.

Q: What are the benefits of using Test & Assess?

A: There are many benefits. Here are some main ones:

  • Supported access to a wide range of proven tests and assessments from leading test publishers - no training needed
  • Speedy candidate set-up
  • It is difficult to objectively assess job skills and behaviour in an interview. Tests can achieve this simply and cost-effectively; this objectivity can help defend against discrimination claims
  • Predicts job performance - recruitment mistakes are costly - recruit the best with relevant, objective and effective assessments
  • Easy to use website that saves you valuable time - efficient and cost-effective - save ££"s off your recruitment budget and eliminate hours from research, information gathering and admin
  • Avoid costly licensing and set-up charges - pay as you go
  • You are supported by true experts in the area of testing and psychometrics; and they speak your language - not techno-jargon. You can tap into leading-edge psychometrics professional "assessment expert" support and impartial advice
  • Confidentiality, security and professionalism are paramount - we don"t sell tests to jobseekers. Yet we help you look after them well as customers e.g. free candidate feedback reports* Unravel the complexity and potential confusion of testing. Therefore, Test & Assess can offer you a seamless service, supporting you to achieve your aims in staff recruitment and staff development. See it as a small investment to achieve a great result. Consider this against the consequences of appointing the wrong candidate ornot having well developed and motivated staff.

Q: How do I pay for my orders on Test & Assess?

A: Once you have placed your order through the website we will invoice you directly for payment. Please note that if this is your first time using our Test & Assess service you may be required to provide payment prior to receiving the reports. If you are a returning customer without poor credit rating you will receive our standard invoicing terms of 14 days from invoice date. We accept payment by credit card, debit card, bank transfer, or cheque.

Q: Do I need to be trained to use psychometric tests?

A: It is useful to be properly trained to use psychometric tests, and we provide professionally recognised psychometric training. Professional training enables you to beconfident in all areas of testing i.e. choosing tests, understanding how tests work, administering tests to candidates, scoring and interpreting the results, providing feedback to both recruiting managers and candidates, etc. However, we appreciate that there are many untrained people who will want to use tests and to have access to the reports/results. Therefore, the Test & Assess service achieves this. We make choosing tests easy and also support you as required. As we provide user-friendly, interpreted reports and support as required, so even if you are not trained, you can still benefit from using tests.

Q: So who can access your psychometric testing services?

A: We provide services to organisations to support them with their broad recruitment and staff development activities. We do NOT provide tests directly to candidates to practice. Therefore, registration is required, and your registration will be checked by us. If you are an individual, there are some questionnaires (rather than tests) that you can purchase to support you with your development. You can find information about these on the website without the need to register. However contact us if you need to order, as you may not be able to register and order through the website. If you are a candidate looking to gain familiarity with tests then there are free and paid online tests you can access on the internet. If you can identify relevant tests, view this as helping you to be prepared and feeling more comfortable with testing. Tests are there to assess your underlying capacity and typical behaviours and preferences so over-practicing has little benefit.

Q: How do I choose the right test?

A: The website has been designed to make it easy for you to choose suitable tests, and it assumes that you know enough about the job / role and the requirements for the job / role, or the reasons for testing. Follow the simple steps to try it for yourself. However, at any point you can also contact us on 01285 861734 so that we can understand your needs and provide impartial advice and recommendations. To support you effectively, we may need to request for more information and / or briefly speak to someone about the role / job (as sometimes a job title by itself is not very helpful). This is all part of our service. If you require more in-depth job analysis and to do some pilot research on existing job holders (concurrent validation) we also specialise in this type of work.

Q: Do I need support in understanding the reports?

A: Most reports are known as interpreted reports. That is to say they are written to support recruiting line managers or HR Professionals. When you order a specific report for the first time we can provide the support you require to ensure that you can make the most of your reports. If you require more detailed verbal feedback on or for your respondents there is an option to pay for more in-depth professional consultant support. Once we understand your requirements we can provide you with a quote.

Q: How long does a test take to complete?

A: This depends on the test. Most ability tests are quite short and will take 20 minutes or less to complete. Personality tests are typically a bit longer and untimed. They may take 35 minutes to complete.

Q: How long after I placed my order will the candidate receive the test for completion?

A: Normally within 24 hours if the order is received during working hours. Note that orders received after 5pm on a Friday will be processed the following Monday. If you have an urgent request please call us before 3pm to highlight your request and we will endeavour to set up the candidate link the same day.

Q: How easy is it to get my candidates to complete the online test?

A: It is very easy to set up your candidates and we do this for you with the information you have provided through your order form. Please use the online test order form to inform us of the role, candidates' names, email address, any other important information (e.g.special needs such as dyslexia) and a deadline for the report to be sent to you. We will then set up an online link for the candidates to complete and send all the information out to them via email.

Q: How long does it take to receive the report after the candidate has completed the test online?

A: Reports are typically processed the first working day after the test is completed and these will be emailed over to you, protected by a security password. We will send a reminder to candidates one working day before the deadline if they have not yet completed.

Q: If the candidate does not complete the test, am I entitled to a refund?

A: For each candidate who does not complete, there will be a £20 + VAT set up fee charged. This is to cover supplier set up fees and administrative costs. If you have paid the full amount for the test online by credit card or debit card then we will make a refund back to your card. If you are being invoiced, once we have agreed the refund amount with you, we will either issue a credit note or adjust the invoice if it has not been issued yet. Please contact us for more information on refunds if your order is eligible.

Q: What real benefit will testing give me over what I can find out from an interview?

A: Interviewing can give you useful information to make an informed decision providing that the interview is conducted effectively. However, there are many reasons why an interview may not be effective. One key reason is that it is often very difficult to directly assess skills, competencies and work attitude in an interview e.g. the candidate may either be good at "talking up" what they can really do, or they may actually be less effective at communicating their true skills and capabilities. Therefore, tests can support the interview effectivley. The use of appropriate tests measures specific skills and abilities required for effective performance in the job / role. So rather than just relying on what the interviewee says they can do, we can objectively measure key skills / abilities highly effectively. Examples:
  • Checking for numeracy for a clerical role by using a Numerical Checking Test.
  • Checking for effective managerial judgement for a management position by using the Management Scenarios Report.
  • Checking for Sales competencies by using the Sales Report.

The use of a Personality Pre-Interview Report will identify key areas to probe at interview. It also provides interview questions that will help you focus on important work behaviours, preferences and attitudes.

Q: Can't these tests be faked by candidates?

A: Reasoning and skills tests cannot be faked. You can either work out the answer or can demonstrate the knowledge or skill - or you cannot. With personality tests, some can be prone to faking. The ones we use significantly reduce the likelihood of faking occurring e.g. through instructions indicating that responses will be checked/probed at interview, with question design, etc.

Q: How accurate are the results?

A: Psychometric test results tend to be very accurate and reliable. So a numeracy test will measure an individual's numeracy very accurately and very reliably. However, you need to be clear about what the test tells you - and what it does not tell you. This numeracy test may tell you the person's numeracy, but this test alone is not going to tell you whether this person is a good manager. To get a better assessment of that, you will need further information e.g. results of a managerial judgement test, a personality questionnaire, and to conduct an effective interview.

Q: Do test results really predict job performance?

A: Extensive research shows that when appropriate tests are used, tests are the most accurate selection tool for predicting future job performance. They are more predictive than all forms of interviewing, and are even more predictive than running assessment centres. Many find this latter finding surprising, as assessment centres are a resource heavy, multi-assessment approach to recruitment, so one would expect that this would be the most predictive. The reason is that tests are well constructed and highly objective, whereas assessment centre approaches are unfortunately often poorly constructed and lend themselves to be somewhat subjective in their assessments, despite the good intentions. However, most tests are designed to measure something quite specific / relatively narrow e.g. a management-level numerical test measures the individual's business numeracy. Although this may be important for effective management performance, a high score on this test does not necessarily mean they are overall an effective manager. Therefore, it makes sense that we use the test results along with other evidence to make informed decisions about the candidates. Interestingly, from research, tests like management-level aptitude tests do tend to predict overall management job performance better than everything else, possibly because although these tests are measuring something quite specific, they are non-the-less still tapping into general management "intellect".

Q: What tests can support with staff development?

A: All of the tests can be used to support staff development to some extent, and there will be a few tests which should only be used for development purposes. Note that some reports are provided to support recruitment / interviewing and other reports are provided to support development or feedback to candidates.Please call us on 01285 861734 to discuss your requirements.

Q: What is the best test to use?

A: Tests are simply tools. To select and apply an appropriate tool, you need to understand the task that needs to be accomplished. Therefore, there is not one test that is best for everything. Testing can be complicated, so this website has been designed to handle a lot of the complexity - and to give you a user-friendly client experience. If you need any support, just give us a call on 01285 861734 and we will help you select the most appropriate tests from the wide range of tests to meet your needs.

Q: How do I know that my candidate is compared against the correct group of people?

A: For many tests there will be more than one comparison group to choose from and by knowing your needs we will help you choose the most appropriate comparison group. We have innovatively designed the Test & Assess website in a way that makes it easy for you to place your order and it also informs us about your candidates / respondents, so that we can choose the most appropriate comparison group (norms).

Q: Do candidates get any feedback?

A: It is best practice that candidates are offered useful feedback, and this should be provided after the selection decisions have been finalised. For many tests, useful Candidate Feedback Reports are provided to you. This is typically not offered by other providers. These Candidate Feedback Reports are very user-friendly and candidates will find them very useful for their on-going development. We believe in treating the candidate as a customer and also in helping you to achieve a sound, supportive, respectful relationship with your candidates. There is an option for us to support you further by providing individuals with professional feedback, should you require this.

Q: What is the shelf life of the results, and what can I do with the results?

A: The shelf-life of test results is typically 12 months. Your organisation may have its own specific shelf-life. You need to understand that the results exist for a specific purpose and must be treated as highly confidential. For example, if the testing of an internal candidate is conducted because the individual has applied for a specific job, then the results are used purely to support that recruitment, and the results should NOT be used for other purposes.

Q: What credentials does Test & Assess have in offering this testing service?

A: Test & Assess is a division of Quest Partnership Ltd. We are professional Business Psychologists with Chartered status. We are also psychometricians i.e. we are highly skilled in designing tests and we lead in this area e.g. we are the only external test developers that the world's leading test publisher, CEB SHL entrusts to design their high quality tests. Therefore, we are experts in the area of testing and assessment. This means that Test & Assess will save you a lot of legwork in conducting research and gathering information about tests. We also understand business and our clients' needs. Therefore we are in a position to advise and support you in the most appropriate manner.

Q: How do I know that the tests you offer work?

A: If you are searching for tests yourself you will find that there are a lot of tests available, and it may be difficult for you to identify well designed tests from poorly designed ones. Also, it may be difficult and time consuming for you to identify the most suitable tests for your specific need. These issues are our areas of expertise so we only offer well designed tests on our website i.e. tests that we use ourselves for our client assignments. By understanding clients requirements, we have developed the webiste to support them well. We are also available to discuss your requirements and identify the most suitable tests / assessments for your specific need. We can also support you as appropriate with understanding the report. In this way we can ensure that tests will work for you.

Q: I think I can get cheaper tests on the internet?

A: Yes, you might come across cheaper tests, however we only offer tests we are happy to use ourselves. With better quality tests you are paying for the research and development that will make the tests more sound and accurate. To re-iterate, Test & Assess is run by professionals who really understand tests. Tests are just tools to help you achieve your objective. Things can go wrong with choosing and applying these tools, as well as time being wasted. We ensure that things run much more smoothly for you. With Test & Assess, you also get value because with our purchasing power we can often offer prices substantially below the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) - yet still offer the support that you would not necessarily get from test publishers. Therefore, if you want to ensure that things go well then Test & Assess is the way forward.

Q: What about confidentiality and data protection?

A: This is one of our core values so we take this area extremely seriously. Therefore all the reports we email out are password protected. We are also gaining the Information Security Management Standard ISO 27001.

Q: Do you offer tests in other languages?

A: Yes, we provide a selection of tests that are available in other languages. Well over 30 different languages are available for some tests. We can also advise if you are a global business e.g. if you are running a talent programme for managers from different countries and unsure about what language they should complete tests in, and what comparison groups to use. It is best that you contact us so that we understand your needs.

Q: What if my candidate has dyslexia or other special needs?

A: If your candidate has dyslexia or other similar condition whereby they may be entitled extra time for testing, then check with them that they can provide formal documentation outlining their requirements; such as a psychologist's report or assessment certificate. We will need to know the recommended additional time that should be given. This will normally be stated as an additional percentage time. Some, but not all timed tests can be adjusted for timing, so you will need to contact us to confirm what can be done. If there are other special needs then we can provide advice.

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