Test and assess endorsements Test and assess endorsements

Benefits of testing

Easy to use website; find the most suitable proven tests and assessments for your needs

The website has been designed for users to easily navigate and find suitable tests for their needs. You decide on whether you want to recruit, develop, or conduct team development. Then you choose the job level, and this takes you to appropriate tools.

Tests that predict job performance - avoid expensive recruitment mistakes

Interviews have limitations in that they can be somewhat subjective andyou cannot be sure of the candidates’ real underlying capabilities. Therefore, it is wise to support the selection process with tests which objectively measure a clear job skill effectively. Choosing the test carefully will ensure that you are measuring an important aspect of job performance. Research has shown that the true cost of getting recruitment wrong is at least equivalent to the annual salary. Therefore, recruitment mistakes are costly - recruit the best with relevant, objective and effective assessments.

Save precious time on researching suitable tests from different test publishers

Trying to understand and research psychometrics and all the possible tests available can be very time consuming and complex. Therefore, this easy to use website will save you valuable time as we only provide tests that are well designed and proven. Therefore, providing you follow the format of the website and choose a test relevant for its purpose, it will also be valid.

Independent and impartial advice with expert support as needed - no psychometrics training required

We offer tests from many leading test publishers and aim to provide impartial and professional advice on testing. We are not a one-test publisher trying to convince you that our tests are the best. You are supported by true experts in the area of testing and psychometrics; and our consultants speak your language - not techno-jargon. As most of the tests are online and the outputs are interpreted reports, then professional training is not essential. However, for people using tests regularly, we recommend that this is useful. We therefore also run short workshops on ‘Getting Started with Psychometrics’ and we also provide full professional test training courses in Level 2: Occupational Testing Ability and Personality.

Place an order and we look after everything, quickly setting up the links for your respondents to take tests online

After placing your order we look after everything, including reminding the respondents to complete the assessments, emailing you over the reports, and providing you support as required. Therefore, let us help you unravel the complexity and potential confusion of testing. Test & Assess can offer you a seamless service, supporting you to achieve your aims in staff recruitment and staff development. See it as a small investment to achieve a great result. Consider this against the consequences of appointing the wrong candidate or not having well developed and motivated staff. Your candidates can be taking the tests soon after we receive your order. Also, you can contact us on 01285 861734 to place an immediate order.

We save you money - no costly licensing or set-up charges and tests often below test publishers RRP prices

Quest design our own tests and we are also enterprise partners with leading test publishers so often we can offer you the best prices. However, we focus on ensuring we provide an excellent professional service and therefore great overall value. Avoid costly licensing and set-up charges that are required by test publishers if you want to take control of testing yourself. We look after everything for you (advice, respondent online set-up, reminders, reports emailed to you, support as required) and our prices are clearly shown.

Secure and professional service

Quest Partnership take data protection, confidentiality, and security extremely seriously and has the BSI Standard: ISO 27001 in Information Security Management. We do not sell tests to job seekers. Yet we help you look after your candidates well as customers - for many tests we provide free candidate feedback reports which can be emailed to the candidates after selection decisions have been made.


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